Dog Pets :Babydogs update

Today Francyne do comed to we house to take some more pictures of we babydogs.  She do takes very good pictures of we babydogs, huh?!  And she do taked lots of pictures of we friend Paddington too.  Even when we babydogs do not wanted to sit still to had they picture Read the rest of this entry »

The Dogs :Oh no!!!!

I might never getted any foods never any more!!! Already I do had to shared with Kali! And Kali do eated very much foods!! And then I do had to shared with Gibbs and Gibbs do liked to getted me in trouble by fighting at me if I do go near he (except outside; we do play nice together Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Dog :K, that’s enough babydogs now

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So I do complained about Kali not letting me to get close to we babydogs… but now I do be allowed and guess what? I do thinked I do had ’nuff time to play with we babydogs now! They do liked me very much!! They do followed me and jumped on me and fighted for who will liked to getted Read the rest of this entry »

Dog :Furcutted!

Do you see we do had no more furs!?She and He do taked we to the furcutter place!!We do has to stay there withnot He and She!!!She do not liked that too much!!And me and Aswell do not too!!!But we do had we baths and we furs cutted and we claws is trimmed and we do looked quite nice Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Pets :Modern Dog Magazine Fave Finds


MODERN DOG MAGAZINE – THE BLISSFUL DOG NOSE BUTTER IS A FAVE FIND FAVE FINDS is one of Modern Dog Magazines most read columns. Everyone, and their dog, knows it is THE place to go for the newest, hottest, and most FUN STUFF in the dog ecosphere. The Blissful Dog NOSE BUTTER® Read the rest of this entry »



NOSE BUTTER REVIEW AMERICAN BULLDOG IS THRILLED GOOD AFTERNOON, KATHY! Happy Tuesday! Thank you for the notification and sending the goodies right away. I got them maybe three days after placing the order; Thank You! Your products are simply amazing and my two American Bulldogs LOVE Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Dog :Brats!!!!

I do be getting a little bit ferusterated!!!! We do only had 3 babydogs now. Magee and Magoo did goed away to they new furrever homes. But we nother 3 babydogs do getted to stay with we for some more days till they peoples do be ready to taked they to they new homes too. But those Read the rest of this entry »

Best Dog :Dumbventure!

Today one of we babydogs do had a adventure. And it do not be Lenny!!! Mostly Lenny do had the adventures but today it do be Hudson! That do be Hudson in he’s picture he had tooked the yesterday. Today Hudson do followed me down the ramp in we pen. But then he do getted too dumb or Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Dog :German Shorthair Pointer Nose Back to Normal!


GERMAN SHORTHAIR POINTER NOSE BUTTER REVIEW German Shorthair Pointer nose is back to normal! We recently learned our German Shorthair Pointer has allergies so we have to give her Benadryl at night so she doesn’t have a runny nose all day and her nose dried up and started peeling Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Pets :Door Open Time!!!!

It do bees door open time now!! All the cold times we could not had we door open but now it do not be so cold and we do has we own door open almost all the times!!! I do liked to go in and out whenever I do wanted to! It do maked it more easy for me to chase the birds. And the chipmunks. Read the rest of this entry »