Dog Pets :Good thing

Huh! It do be a good thing we do knowed She & He do so loved we!! Else we might could getted we feelings hurted!!She do sayed we do not be good pot cleaners!! And He do thinked so too!! She do even sayed Scrooge do beed much more betterer at cleaning we pots too! And He do sayed Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Dog :Piggy!

Today Aswell do be being a PIGGY!!! She do cooked some sausages!! They do smelled SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good so I do thinked I will liked to had some! So I do sitted very pretty and I do waited for She to gived we some sausages! And She do!! She do throwed me a piece and it do bounced off Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Dog :Grounded

I do be getting a little bit ferusterated with He & She!! And Aswell too! Just cuz Finn next door getted stinked by a skunk, He & She do not be letting we to go outside when we do wanted to!! He & She do keeped opening we pen door for we, not we nother door! We do not Read the rest of this entry »

The Dogs :Big Bangers!!!

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We do not liked big bangers!! We do had perfect weather for sitting outside in we driveway waiting for He to come back home! It do be very very nice outside! But there do be people with big bangers outside and they do be upsetting we!! And we ducks and gooses too! They do be all together Read the rest of this entry »

The Dogs :Companies

Today we do has a visitor!!!  Gibbs do come to see we!!  Do you remembers Gibbs?  Gibbs do be one of we babydogs!!  But he do be quite growed up now!  He do learned to sitted for treats.  And he do learned to pee and poop in we pen not on we deck.  And Read the rest of this entry »

The Dogs :Bad dog! Bad dog!!!! And it do not be ME!!!

Oh, I do be SO excited!!!Guess what?!! I do not runned away for a very long time so I do be a good dog!!But Kali DO runned away!! Today!!! Kali do runned away from we yard and getted in T R O U B L E!!!! She do beed taking we bins out for the truck mans to come empty and we do getted Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Pets :Gibbs do visited we

Today Gibbs do comed to we house to stay with we. She do be babysitting he!! Gibbs do be a little bit bad though! He do runned away when He forgetted to not letted Gibbs out we back door! But he do not go too far though, even though he do not knowed about we fence. He do comed right Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Pets :Tricky She!

When we do had three dogs, we do be very loud & hyper when She do comes to home after She goed to work. And we do tried very hard to getted out we door when She do tries to come in and She do not wanted we to getted out specially Gibbs cuz he do be learning about we zapper fence Read the rest of this entry »

Dog :I do wanted to go too!!!

Today He do be getting He’s stuff ready to go away and I do wanted very much to go with He! I do sticked to He like glue and I do jumped and jumped and jumped at He’s legs. And when He do opened we van door I do jumped in very fast and I do beed SO EXCITED! He do letted me to get Read the rest of this entry »

Best Dog :Silly She!!!!

Do you knowed what happened at we house?! We do runned out of we foods!!!! Oh NO!!!! She do gived we some nother foods from the store but I do not knowed who She do thinked might could eat that! We do not LIKED foods from the store! So while She do beed at Read the rest of this entry »