Your Dog is a Hero

You hear the stories every day: “Poodle Rescues Family!” “Border Collie Saves Friend’s Puppies from Fire!” “Sympathetic Dachshund Saves Aloof Siamese Cat!” “Alert Pitbull Prevents Owner from Getting Involved in Unwise and Embarrassing Multilevel Marketing Scheme!” Your dog might not have yet saved you or another pet from certain death or sure humiliation, but you know she would, if just given the chance. That’s why your adorable doggie deserves the comfort and coziness of one of the many?high quality dog beds?currently available for the discerning pet owner to choose from.

Dog beds are available in a dizzying variety of styles and types, including heated models ideal for dogs sleeping on a porch or colder portion of the house. Designer pooch mattresses can be absurdly comfortable and even provide ultra-doting doggy parents a nice perch so you can pet your dog during the night as you head towards dreamland.

Sure, our tongue might be firmly implanted in our cheek here, but your dog really was bred to love you and there’s no reason not to make her as happy as possible. That’s not all, there are actually a number of serious benefits to the purchase of these beds. For one thing, we have to admit that, as much as we love canines, they are not the cleanest animals ever to walk the face of the earth, so you might not want to share a bed them night after night.?Dog beds?make it easier for you to kick a furry friend out of your bed because you know Fluffy has a perfectly fine place to sleep of her own.

For less indulgent dog owners, dog beds are an highly preferable alternative to the usual box of pillows downstairs. They are much more easily washable, and you know the pooch will get it very dirty sooner or later. Either way, we know your lovable canine pal would be the first to save your life if only it had the chance. Good dogs deserve good dog beds.

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